Japanese Car Auctions

Japan's car auction scene offers diverse options, including cars, bikes, boats, and specialized vehicles. Auction volume peaks in March and April, with up to 150,000 vehicles per week due to financial year-end and tax payments.

USS Auction House

USS (Used Car System Solutions) is a powerhouse in Japan's used vehicle auction scene, operating across 18 locations weekly. Offering auctions from Monday to Saturday, USS facilitates smooth transactions from vehicle inspection to contract finalization. Buyers can participate through on-site visits, satellite links, or online platforms. With a 30% market share, USS is celebrated for understanding and fulfilling both seller and buyer needs, ensuring a seamless auction experience.

AUCNET Auction House

AUCNET stands out in Japan's auto auction landscape due to its unique virtual approach. Without a physical auction space, AUCNET embraces technology, offering live online bidding. This revolutionary platform connects approximately 7,000 dealers across Japan, boasting the most extensive auction network. AUCNET's grading system rivals that of traditional auctions, ensuring quality and reliability. Ideal for discerning buyers seeking specific vehicles, AUCNET blends convenience with a vast selection.

MIRIVE Auction House

MIRIVE Auto Auction, a prominent name in Japan's automotive sector, has been a pivotal player since its inception in 1999. Renowned for its dynamic approach to the used car market, both domestically and internationally, MIRIVE stands out with its unique logo – a blend of a purple and a green line symbolizing strong will and future growth. The auction house, with over two decades of experience, has been instrumental in shaping the landscape of car auctions. Held every Wednesday in the scenic Saitama Prefecture, Fukaya City, at Tanaka 2631, the auction attracts a diverse range of dealers from within Japan and abroad. These dealers converge here, driven by the prospect of finding a vast array of quality vehicles that meet their specific needs and preferences.

BAYAUC Auction House

Originally Osaka Nanko Auto Auction, BAYAUC is a pioneer in internet-based car auctions. Conducted every Wednesday, it features about 3,000 cars from approximately 8,500 Japanese companies. Known for its reliability and security, BAYAUC operates from a vast auction hall with an extensive car parking tower, maintaining a long-standing reputation in the industry.

JAA Auction House

The Japanese Automobile Auction (JAA) is a medium-sized but vital player, offering around 45,000 vehicles monthly. JAA encompasses two significant auctions – JAA Tokyo and HAA Kobe – known for their convenience and smooth operations. While JAA Tokyo offers a broad range of vehicles, HAA Kobe is renowned for its exceptional foreign car selection, held on Wednesdays and Saturdays, respectively.

TAA Auction House

Toyota Auto Auction (TAA), managed by Toyota, specializes in vehicles from the renowned brand. Operating daily except Sundays, TAA has expanded from its initial three locations in 1967 to ten nationwide. Known for stringent grading standards, TAA instills confidence in bidders. It's a go-to destination for quality Toyota cars, blending brand-specific expertise with a broad selection.

CAA Auction House

Chubu Auto Auction (CAA) is one of Japan's largest auction groups, holding events on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. CAA is known for its precise mediation in old car transactions, averaging over 5,300 exhibits weekly. They offer a balanced platform catering to the needs of suppliers, clients, and auction management.

ARAI Auction House

ARAI Auto Auction, or AAA, is among Japan's largest with a significant presence in the Kanto region. With about 28,000 members and four auction halls, ARAI showcases a sales performance of nearly 10,000 vehicles six times weekly. Unique in its international affiliation with the National Auto Auction Association (NAAA) in the US, ARAI boasts extensive global connections. Focused on customer needs, ARAI offers a wide range of vehicles with a reputation for reliability.

Honda Auto Auction House

Specializing in Honda vehicles, Honda Auto Auctions showcase cars predominantly from Honda dealers. They conduct auctions in several key locations across Japan, including Tokyo, Nagoya, Kobe, Fukuoka, Hokkaido, and Sendai. Known for high sale rates, Honda Auctions are lauded for meeting the specific needs of both sellers and buyers, offering a tailored auction experience for Honda enthusiasts.

Auction Days


HONDA - Hokkaido

HONDA - Sendai

HONDA - Tokyo

HONDA - Nagoya

HONDA - Kansai

HONDA - Kyushu

JU - Tokyo

JU - Ibaraki

USS - Yokohama

USS-R - Nagoya

TAA - Kinki

TAA - Hiroshima

TAA - Shikoku

TAA - Kyushu

TAA - S Kyushu

NAA - Fukuoka

CAA - Tohoku

CAA - Tokyo

CAA - Gifu

ARAI - Sendai

SAA - Sapporo

JU - Aomori

JU - Saitama

JU - Fukui

JU - Nagano

JU - Shizuoka

JU - Mie

JU - Yamaguchi

JU - Gunma

JU - Kanagawa

JU - Hiroshima

NPS - Tomakomai

NPS - Sendai

NPS - Tochigi

NPS - Tokyo

NPS - Osaka

NPS - Fukuoka

ORIX - Sendai

ORIX - Kobe

ORIX - Fukuoka

NPS - Tokyo

NPS - Tokyo

NPS - Tokyo

NPS - Tokyo

USS - Sapporo

USS - Tohoku

USS - Niigata

USS - Kobe

USS - Fukuoka



CAA - Chubu

KCAA - S Kyushu

KCAA - Kyoto

LAA - Shikoku


Mirive - Saitama

IAA - Osaka

JU - Akita

JU - Ishikawa

JU - Kumamoto

JU - Oita

IMA - Tokyo

ORIX - Atsugi

USS - Tokyo

TAA - Hokkaido

TAA - Tohoku

TAA - Kanto

TAA - Chubu

NAA - Nagoya

NAA - Osaka

SAA - Hamamatsu

ARAI - Oyama

ARAI - Bayside

KCAA - Fukuoka

MIRIVE - Osaka

ZiP - Osaka

LAA - Okayama

JU - Fukushima

JU - Toyoma

JU - Aichi

JU - Nigata

JU - Miyazaki

JU - Hiroshima

JU - Miyazaki

IMA - Kyushu

USS - Saitama

USS - Nagoya

USS - Osaka

NAA - Tokyo

KCAA - Yamaguchi

JU - Hokkaido

JU - Miyagi

JU - Tochigi

JU - Chiba

JU - Shimane

JU - Fukuoka

JU - Okinawa

MIRIVE - Aichi

IMA - Kobe

USS - Gunma

USS - Hokuriku

USS - Shizuoka

HAA - Kobe

USS - Okayama

USS - Kyushu

TAA - Yokohama

TAA - Hyogo

ARAI - Oyama VT

JU - Yamagata

JU - Gifu

JU - Yamanashi

JU - Nara

ZiP - Tokyo

KCAA - Minami Kyushu

Auction Sheet

General Condition Ratings:

  • Top-Tier (Grade S): Reflects vehicles in pristine condition, barely used.
  • Near-New Quality (Grade 6): Vehicles with minimal usage, showing little to no wear.
  • Excellent Pre-Owned (Grade 5): Well-maintained used cars, exhibiting minor signs of usage.
  • Good Condition (Grade 4.5): Popular choices, showing more pronounced usage signs.
  • Standard Pre-Owned (Grade 4): Cars with noticeable usage but no history of major accidents.
  • Visible Wear (Grade 3.5): Cars with clear signs of wear, both inside and out.
  • Extensive Wear (Grade 3): Vehicles showing significant wear and tear.
  • Poor Condition (Grade 2): Cars mostly affected by rust or other major issues.
  • Severely Damaged (Grade 1): Includes vehicles with substantial damage or that have been in floods.
  • RA – A car restored after a standard car accident. This classification indicates a vehicle that has undergone repairs following a minor collision.
  • R – Vehicles with a history of severe accidents. These cars may have been partially repaired but often require additional work. It's important to note that cars in this category might be non-functional.
  • *** (99, x, etc.): Cars with unrepaired damage or critical mechanical issues.

Detailed Interior and Exterior Assessments:

Interior Condition (Grades A-E):

This scale helps in evaluating the interior, from excellent to severely worn conditions.

  • A – The interior is in pristine condition, comparable to a brand-new vehicle.
  • B – This grade reflects a well-maintained interior with minimal wear and tear.
  • C – Minor imperfections such as small food stains or cigarette burns may be present.
  • D – Noticeable signs of wear, including cigarette marks, stains, tears, or odors.
  • E – The lowest grade, indicating a severely compromised interior with extensive damage or soiling.

Exterior Assessment (Grades A-E):

Used to gauge the external condition, ranging from excellent to heavily damaged.

  • A – Immaculate exterior condition, showcasing excellent upkeep.
  • B – Minor blemishes, such as scratches up to 15 cm in length, but generally well-maintained.
  • C – Visible flaws including scratches up to 30 cm or small dents.
  • D – Evident signs of wear such as noticeable scratches, rust, or corrosion.
  • E – Represents a vehicle in poor condition, characterized by extensive rust, corrosion, and a range of other significant exterior damages

Auction List Annotations:

Additional markings and abbreviations on auction lists provide deeper insights into vehicle features and damage levels, aiding in a more thorough evaluation

  • A – Scratch: Indicates the presence of scratches on the vehicle's body.
  • E – Dimple: Small, shallow indentations on the surface.
  • U – Dent: Signifies dents of varying sizes on the vehicle.
  • W – Repair Mark: Marks that indicate areas where repairs have been made.
  • S – Rust Spot: Specifies areas where rust is present.
  • C – Corrosion Spot: Identifies areas suffering from corrosion.
  • P – Paint Blemish: Imperfections in the paintwork.
  • H - Paint Dissolution: Areas where the paint has significantly deteriorated.
  • X – Replacement Needed: Used exclusively for chassis components that need replacement (not accompanied by a number).
  • X – Window Cleavage: Indicates a crack or break in the window (usually accompanied by a number).
  • XX – Part Replaced: Signifies that a body part has been replaced.
  • B – Dent and Scratch: A combination of dents and scratches.
  • Y – Crack or Hole: Indicates the presence of cracks or holes.
  • R – Repaired Window Cleavage: A window crack that has been repaired.
  • RX – Repaired Window Cleavage (Replacement Needed): Indicates a repaired window crack that requires replacement.
  • G – Stone Chip in Glass: Marks caused by stones hitting the glass.

FAQ Question

Frequently asked questions

How do I view inventory and car auctions in Japan?

Send us an inquiry and we will create you a customer account where you can view cars being sold at auction, fixed price cars, and historical sales.

What is the payment process?

We require a refundable deposit of 200,000 JPY or 10% of the bid price before purchase. After the the car is purchased, the remaining balance is then paid.

How is shipping and documentation arranged?

We handle all of the documentation and transportation from the purchase in Japan to delivery at the destination port in your country.


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